VB to Python migration

Magnus Lycka lycka at carmen.se
Sun Jan 29 13:14:19 EST 2006

Josh wrote:
> We currently use a MS Access back end and need to migrate to a proper 
> SQL server. We need to leave options open for SQL Server (for customers 
> who want to use existing infrastructure) and something like MySQL or 
> PostgreSQL. But in the mean time, we need to be able to access an 
> MSAccess (Jet) database from Python.

mxODBC is probably the best way to talk to Jet in a way (DB API)
that makes it reasonably easy to port the data to another RDBMS.
Writing multi RDBMS applications is a whole chapter in itself,
if not a subject for a whole book.

Whether to use an ORM such as SQLObject on top of that is another

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