VB to Python migration

John M. Gabriele john_sips_teaz at yahooz.com
Sat Jan 28 17:40:27 EST 2006

Josh wrote:
> We have a program written in VB6 (over 100,000 lines of code and 230 UI 
> screens) that we want to get out of VB and into a better language.  The
> program is over 10 years old and has already been ported from VB3 to 
> VB6, a job which took over two years. We would like to port it to 
> Python, but we need to continue to offer upgrades and fixes to the 
> current VB6 version. Does anybody know of ways we could go about 
> rewriting this, one screen at a time, in Python, and calling the screens 
> from the existing program?

Dunno what you mean by "calling the screens" from the existing
program. (?)

Is your VB6 progam object-based? If so, it sounds like you might
have your work cut out for you in duplicating the classes in Python
(I've never used VB6 and don't even know if it's an OO language.).

I'd look into how you can start with unit tests + your classes
right from the start. And, it goes without saying to use version
control from the start (svn or, if you're adventurous, maybe bzr
(i.e. Bazaar-NG)).

> We are also looking for a graphics toolkit to use.

You might take a peek at Python + PyGTK + Glade:
http://pygtk.org/ . Dunno the state of GTK on Windows,
but I've heard it's workable. No idea about Glade on

Here's an article from 2001:
but if you look around there should be some newer tutorials

> [snip]
> Any answers/suggestions/pointers are greatly appreciated.

As Steven suggested, I'd examine whether or not your app
might work as a web app. That completely frees you from Windows
altogether. Just make sure it runs alright with Firefox/Opera/
Safari. :)


> Thanks,
> Josh Isted

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