- Requesting Comments for Process Definition and Presentation

Ilias Lazaridis ilias at lazaridis.com
Wed Jan 4 08:31:14 EST 2006

Gerard Flanagan wrote:
> Ilias Lazaridis wrote:
>>comp.lang.python / comp.lang.ruby
>>I would like to ask for feedback on the Process Definition and Presentation.
>>Essentially this is exactly what I've myself specialized to do.
>>But I cannot apply the process to my own system.
>>I ask here, as I have criticized those 2 groups publically - and would
>>like to give the possibility to reverse the criticism - again publically.

> Hi Ilias,
> I like the overall style of your site - clean layout, good colour
> scheme - 


> but there are a number of spelling and grammar errors, (eg.
> 'diagrams' not 'diagramms', and the past participle of 'feed' is 'fed'
> not 'feeded'), which stand out to a native English speaker.

I gues I have to apply a spell-check at minimum.

> Also, your Usenet posting style is quite terse, almost like bullet
> points, and your site reflects this (IMHO).  

You are right.

This is my way of managing the complexity.

> Flow-charts and bulleted
> lists certainly have their place, but they're a bit impersonal - maybe
> some more prose would help to present your ideas better?

Again you are right.

The bulleted lists are essentially used by myself to get clarity (the 
effort to rearrange a bulleted list is small)

The diagrams are used to display the same structures graphically. This 
way I get more clarity and rearrange the bulleted lists.

Textual descriptions (a few exist on the site) are used (_finally_ as 
the effort to reflect changes is very high)to describe things more 
thoroughly .

And that's where I fail mostly.

Essentially I need a native english "prose-writer" (to use your term).

> Having said that, parts of the site maybe have too much information.
> The people to whom you want to sell your service probably don't want to
> know the implementation details of this service.

I understand your thought.

I don't know if you refere to the process definition, or to the research 

I agree fully, that the research work (how the process has evolved) 
should be not presented in the "first front", as its not of intrest for 
a target customer.

So the main menue should be freed of the "cases" and the "project".

Instead, I should possibly add a "Sample" menue, where I publish some 
real-life examples.

I will apply those changes in the next hours.

> "Making IT efficient" is certainly a noble aspiration, I hope you can
> make it a profitable one but it'll be a tough market!

Yes, there are many companies out there.

The customer list of this one is impressive:


But I don't think that they could reengineer e.g. an open source project 
or the structures of the lisp community.


I have specialized myself on public systems, like e.g. open source 
projects, whilst applying a method which works exclusively via internet 
(written conversation).

> All the best

Thanks a lot!

I've gained many things through your feedback!

> Gerard



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