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Paul Boddie paul at
Wed Jan 4 18:17:10 EST 2006

phoenixathell at wrote:
> John J. Lee schrieb:
> >
> > I guess this is 'rendering' in a more general/abstract sense than
> > 'graphical rendering'.
> Exactly. In these case rendering means that you traverse a tree with
> widget objects and every is "rendered" to a text representation of
> itself. So if you traverse the object tree in the right order you will
> get a complet text representation of such a object tree.

>From my experimentation with PyQt so far, it would appear that Qt
Designer provides such a representation that various tools and the
QWidgetFactory can then employ to recreate widgets in the Qt
environment. Of course, it's entirely possible to take the Qt Designer
.ui file and generate an alternative representation instead, and in my
XSLTools distribution [1] you'll find an XSL stylesheet which does
this, along with various as-yet-undocumented modules and programs which
provide a Web front-end to somewhat restricted PyQt form-based

The big challenge is reconciling event-based frameworks, where you get
to handle events individually and to change the user interface at any
time, with Web-based environments, where you could potentially receive
a batch of updates occurring and where you only get one chance to
update the user interface, all within the same framework. Of course,
many would advocate using "AJAX" techniques and dropping support for
conventional Web interactions, but I think that such advocacy and the
resulting applications threaten the usability of the Web for fairly
large groups of people.



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