Spelling mistakes!

bb public at b-burkhart.de_removethis
Mon Jan 9 19:21:45 EST 2006

skip at pobox.com wrote:

>     Terry> But not faster than use a dict server!  Why not just use (e.g.)
>     Terry> kdict?
>     >> Maybe because not everybody has it?
>     Sybren> Lame excuse. If you don't have something but you do want to
>     use Sybren> it, you get it.
> I don't think I want it badly enough to figure out how to get it to work
> on
> my Mac.  (I'm assuming the "k" prefix implies it's part of KDE.)  I'm
> happy to continue googling for words I want defined.

kdict is, as you correctly assume, part of KDE. But it's just an interface
to query a dict server. And there are command line clients for that as

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