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alexander.limi at alexander.limi at
Sat Jan 14 12:40:03 EST 2006

Christian Tismer wrote:

> Thanks to Carl Friedrich, I restarted the Zope process.
> I have no idea why it broke, the site was running since 38 days
> without problems. The Zope/Plone process was still there, blocking
> the port.
> Maybe I should go for something simpler than Plone...

Hi Christian,

If Plone locks up on you, it normally means there's a mismatch in the
versions running below it (ie. specific versions of Zope known to have
leaks, wrong Python/Zope combination, Python on BSD without the
HUGE_STACK compile flag, etc).

If you have any problems that you can reproduce (or can connect with
the process described for debugging a spinning Zope[1] if it locks up
and you have the possibility to give us some data about it) - we'd be
happy to help you locate the problem.

In general, Plone hasn't had any significant leaks or lock-up problems
in years - that we know of, at least. :)


Alexander Limi
Plone Co-Founder

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