Win32 Binary-only for 2.3.x?

Claudio Grondi claudio.grondi at
Wed Jan 4 17:28:43 EST 2006

Thomas Heller wrote:
> dumpingrounds at writes:
>>I must be going nutty, but I can't seem to find anywhere where I can
>>get just the binaries for, say, 2.3.5 for win32.  I've googled high and
>>low and all I come up with is installer (MSI/EXE) binaries and the
>>source code.  They have to be somewhere.  I cant be the only person
>>that doesn't want it wrapped in an installer.  If I search "win32
>>python binary" I get about nine thousand results pointing to Mark
>>Hammond's win32 Python page which, while it looks very helpful,
>>provides win32 extensions for an already installed python distribution.
>>So, I give.  Can someone point me to somewhere where there is a pile of
>>Python 2.3 EXE and DLLs that I can happily dump somewhere on my system
>>without having to install?  In case it matters, this is for a WAMP-like
>>project I'm developing that includes a working Trac installation.
>>Hence the need for Python, and the lack of need for an installer.  And
>>no, I *really* don't want to compile from source.
>>Many thanks in advance!
> AFAIK the 2.3 installers use zip-compatible compression, so you should
> be able to open them in winzip or whatever archive utility you like.
> OTOH, you could also install/copy whatever you like/uninstall.
> Thomas
Yes, it's true. At least from python-2.4.2.msi I can unpack the file 
'python' and from that file any other one including the .exe and .dll 
If the 'python' file stored in the .msi had the ending .zip it would be 
probably easier to see this directly after unpacking the .msi file.


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