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robin wrote:
> Steve Holden <steve at> wrote:
>>How does
> There are several things wrong with the interface.
> First, I count seven ways of formatting a link. This is approximately
> five too many and can be fixed as follows.
> "For Beginners" is italicised, supposedly to indicate it is the page
> we are currently on. This overloads the normal expected meaning of
> italics with something unexpected. And what is the point of a link to
> the current page? This should be plain text.
> "About" is a top-level menu which has been expanded; to indicate this
> there is a yellow bar. This is not necessary since the viewer can see
> the menu is expanded. :-)
> The menu items underneath an expanded heading should be in the same
> format, but offset. Same format says "menu"; offset says "child."
> The last menu items are in different formats yet again (typeface and
> size). I see no reason for this.
> Once this has been done there will be but two different ways of
> formatting a link: a menu and a link in the page body.
> In terms of page space, the horizontal bar at the top seems wasted.
> Perhaps the vertical bar is all that is needed? The other elements
> could be relocated.
> The menu is structured with a list and formatted with CSS. Good!
> Given that there is already a hierarchical organisation of the content
> voa the collapsing menu bar, I do not think that another
> representation of this is required above the main page text. I would
> ditch the link trail.
> Overall, the look is very "safe corporate". I myself would have gone
> for a funkier (though still elegant) look. The energy of the Python
> community is not being communicated. The vim of the language is
> diluted. This is not playing to Python's strengths.
> Yes, i have been known to do this for a living. Had I been aware
> earlier, I would have been happy to help with the redesign. How can I
> now?
I'm sure Tim Parkin will be happy to discuss this with you, as he is 
also involved on the design side.

I was mostly looking for content criticism, but anything that helps is a 
Good Thing.

> P.S. I am not averse to the new logo. It is professional, clean, and
> symbolic. Maybe there are more ideal choices but we have to get beyond
> little green cartoon snakes eventually.

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