Good sign for Roundup as Python bug tracker (was: Python to use a non open source bug tracker?)

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Tue Oct 10 03:25:09 CEST 2006

Magnus Lycka <lycka at> writes:

> Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> > could still need a few more roundup volunteers, but
> > it's not like nobody's prepared to contribute manhours. don't
> > underestimate the community.
> So, how many have offered to help? Is this information available in
> some public repository?

I don't yet know of private discussions leading to it, but Brett
Cannon has made an unofficial announcement that Roundup has been

    I am making an unofficial announcement here that it looks like we
    will be able to go with Roundup as the issue tracker for
    python-dev. Now this does not mean people should stop volunteering
    by emailing infrastructure at! We have not finalized
    which of the volunteers will be asked to help admin the Roundup
    installation so if you want to help please email us with your
    timezone, rough amount of time you can donate per week, and your
    Roundup experience.

    This announcement is unofficial because there has been an offer
    for professional Roundup hosting. We are awaiting the details of
    the offer before deciding how to proceed. Once we have decided how
    we are going to handling hosting there will be an official
    announcement with more details.


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