wxPython TextCtrl - weird scrolling behavior

John Salerno johnjsal at NOSPAMgmail.com
Tue Oct 31 10:22:33 EST 2006

abcd wrote:
> On Oct 30, 3:47 pm, John Salerno <johnj... at NOSPAMgmail.com> wrote:
>> I noticed that one object you refer to is
>> self.textPane, is that supposed to be self.textPanel?
> no, self.textPane is the actual wx.TextCtrl.
> I used a GUI Builder to the layout stuff...perhaps that's my problem :)
> is there a good site to refer to for how to use sizers?  i am
> essentially creating a chat window (textPane is the history of the
> chat, then a textCtrl below it for typing a new message and a button
> next to the input field and buttons below the input field).

After I watched the screencasts for how Dabo uses sizers, I really 
understood them a lot better. I've never used Dabo itself for GUI 
design, but the screencast, though it shows them in terms of that 
program, still gives a great visual presentation of how sizers work in 
general and I suggest you take a look at that:


P.S. I suggest you post the full code to the wxPython mailing list. I'll 
take a look at it to see if anything strikes me, but also you will have 
a ton of other (more experienced) people looking at it too, and I 
guarantee they will spot your problem.

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