How do I submit fixes for urllib2 & urlparse?

Steve Holden steve at
Mon Sep 25 08:59:58 EDT 2006

Neville CD wrote:
> Basically I encountered some smallish problems with a couple of modules
> and figure I can fix the problems.  
> I did find, should I report my
> problem report there and then assign them to myself to fix (and create
> test scripts). 
> As you can probably guess I have not provided python fixes before.
> How complicated is this? eg I am using python 2.4 and 2.5b3.  Do I need
> to get up to speed with 2.6(?) and fix this also?  As a newbie which
> python mailing list should I subscribe to.
> Please point me to the right URL to answer the above queries.
> FYI: the problems I encountered are for:
> 1. Set-cookies in 302 urllib2.httpRedirects.
> 2. Location: header %20 format problem
> 3. urlparse.start_tag attribute parsing and HTML syntax error recovery.
> Cheers
> NevilleDNZ

It's not that complicated, but normally I believe that only site admins 
can assign bugs (I could be wrong).

You don't need to be "up to date on 2.6" as long as the changes you 
propose don't collide with other changes made for 2.6 - of which there 
will probably be relatively few so soon after the release of 2.5.

The recommended way for non-committers to suggest changes is by patching 
your own copy of the SVN version then generating a patch in the form of 
a diff listing.

The problem with this is the difficulty of getting committers to review 
and apply your patch (they are busy guys, after all). A number of them, 
however, have undertaken to do so if you review five other patches and 
report the results.

I believe email to python-dev would be an acceptable way to report your 
results and request review of your patch. It's a good list to lurk on to 
keep in touch with developments. Keep it up and you may get commit 
privileges eventually!

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