Newbie: Capture traceback message to string?

Sean Schertell sean at
Tue Jan 16 20:19:02 EST 2007


I'm new to Python and this is my first post to the list.

I'm trying to simply capture exception text to a few strings which  
can be passed to a PSP page to display a pretty error message. The  
problem is that I just can't seem to figure out how to get the basic  
components of the traceback message into strings. Here's what I want  
to do:

	bad_math = 1/0
	info = sys.exc_info()
	main_error_str = # ???
	full_traceback_str = # ???
	tmpl = psp.PSP(req, filename='error.html'){'main_error_str': main_error_str,  

return apache.OK

...So then my PSP page receives the errors as variables containing  

I've been googling and experimenting for more hours than I care to  
admit. A little help please?



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