Python does not play well with others

Stephan Kuhagen nospam at domain.tld
Thu Jan 25 01:50:06 EST 2007

Harry George wrote:

> Perl - excellent modules and bindings for just about everything you
> Java - a world of its own.  They reinvent the wheel instead of linking
> PHP - are we talking web scripts or serious programs?  Are you doing
> C - the portable assembler.  Solid, trusted, tunable performance,
> C++ - objects tacked onto C; but that didn't work so invent a whole
> Python - it just works.  Same scripts run on every platform.

The world has become very small these days...

Although I do not agree to the OP, because Python works for me very good on
different platforms (i.e. different Versions of Windows, Linux and Mac OS
X), there are some other old fellows around, which are very good for cross
platform programming. C and C++ are definitely *not* one of them, I would
say. True, you can write cross platform with them, but... I'm missing
especially some of the older cross platform languages in your list (I would
set Tcl at the top of the list, but Lisp and others will appear in such a
list also), which have grown and became mature over the years. Most cross
platform problems and others issues have been fixed and really worked out
in them. New kids on the block may be more dynamic (Python really is), but
they can learn much from the old guys. Sometimes one should have a look and
learn from still good working ancestors...


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