Python XML-RPC Server with clientside Javascript

akineko akineko at
Sat Jul 5 14:11:48 CEST 2008

Hello Paul,

Thank you very much for your prompt and clear answer.
I didn't know the "same origin" javascript security policy (as I'm not
familiar with javascript).
After reading the description of the "same origin" javascript policy,
I think you are absolutely correct.
The security policy does make sense.
However, if that is the case, it seems I have only two options to make
my project work:
(1) Place my XML-CGI services under a web server so that both HTML
page and RPC services are coming from the same origin
(2) Expand Python DocXMLRPCServer, which renders a HTML page, to
implement my own HTML page from it

I wanted to run the program as a standalone one (no external web
server required).
Therefore, (2) seems the only option I have to make it work.

Anyway, thank you for solving my days-long question.

Best regards,
Aki Niimura

On Jul 5, 3:39 am, paul <p... at> wrote:
> I'd think this has nothing to do with CGI vs. "free-standing", the
> client couldn't tell the difference anyway.
> It looks like you're running in the  "same origin" javascript security
> restriction enforced by the browser. That is, the origin of your
> javascript is file://... and you're trying to accesshttp://localhost:8765. This is not allowed.
> hth
>   Paul

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