Suggestions wanted on Tkinter problem

Dave Angel davea at
Fri Apr 17 05:08:25 CEST 2009

norseman wrote:
> <div class="moz-text-flowed" style="font-family: -moz-fixed">One 
> suggested I change the subject line - OK
> I also replaced the [TAB]s since I noticed the Emailer seems
> to get very confused with them.
> Problem:
>         Using Python 2.5.2 and Tkinter ??? (came with system)
>         List made and for loop in use
>         lst=[ ("S", "Single"), .....]
>         for mode, text ....
>                 c = Radiobuton(.....
>                 c.pack()
> At this point the program runs, but I cannot control gray-out of a
> specific Radiobutton.
>         If I:
>         counter=0
>         for mode, text ....
>                 c[counter] = Radiobuton(specified_frame,..
>                 c[counter].pack()
>                 counter += 1
>         .
>         .
>         blockUseOf= $varSetElsewhere
>         c[blockUseOf].config(state = strSetElsewhere)
> Program crashes on Radiobutton line.
> There are a number of Frames containing Radiobuttons in the program.
> The individual lists are long enough no one in their right mind wants to
> hand code such repetition and then try to maintain it. Not even with a
> code generator. (Number and organization will change over time.)
> How do I set things to be able to control any given Radiobutton from
> elsewhere in the program and still use the for-loop loader?
> Steve
> </div>
Try posting as text.  The html tags in the message are distracting.

I don't know tkinter, but I can see a problem with your code.  You're 
using the [] operators on c, but you never initialize c.  Of course, you 
have a tiny fragment of code, and we're supposed to guess the rest.  But 
normally, when you build a list, you start with:
     mylist = []
     for   xxxx  in yyyy:
            c = widget....

Now, c is just temporary, but mylist contains reference to all the 
widgets.  So later on, you can use  mylist[42] to get button# 42.

A separate problem is that mylist should be a member of a class derived 
from the frame widget, or something like that.  So if this code is part 
of an __init__ method of a class, there are a few "self" items needed.

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