Local python web server problem

Gerhard Häring gh at ghaering.de
Mon Feb 9 07:20:16 EST 2009

Farsheed Ashouri wrote:
> Hi everyone. I have started to develop a web base software for
> renderfarm managing.
> I run the cherrypy hello world! example and when I visit
> on firefox, a nice "Hello World" appears. I am on ubuntu and my ip in
> local network is
> but when I visit, there is another page: "It Works!".
> What is "It Works!"? and when I type in another
> local pc, the page didn't load? [...]

Services like HTTP servers "bind" not only to a port, but to a
combination of IP address and port.

The CherryPy tutorial configuration


binds to and 8080. This means the application can only be
accessed from the local machine.

To bind to all network interfaces, (i. e. Ethernet etc., and not just
the loopback device), you can change server.socket_host to "".

-- Gerhard

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