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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 09:42:27 CET 2009

2009/1/1 Gerhard Häring <gh at ghaering.de>:
> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> I have been following this thread with interest. Is there a way to
>> build Qt apps with relative easy? I use KDE and would prefer the Qt
>> toolkit for my GUI apps. Thanks.
> A few years ago, I've had bad experiences with wxPython (random things not
> actually working on Linux, only on Windows; getting segfaults when using not
> exactly the right values for API calls).
> So, when I had to decide for a toolkit for a new application I'm developing
> on my job which required:
> - ability to run on Windows
> - ability to run on MacOS
> - time to develop is short
> I recommended to go with PyQt.
> I remembered it was warmly recommended by Alex Martelli and others a few
> years ago.
> So far, it's been nothing but joy. We bought the book "Rapid GUI Programming
> with Python and Qt" (http://www.qtrac.eu/pyqtbook.html) which is *really*
> well written. It's probably the best tech book I ever had. The author
> formerly did Qt documentation for Trolltech, so he has deep understanding of
> what he's writing about.
> There may be not so many third-party add-ons for PyQt like for wxPython,
>  but in my opinion, the quality of Qt, PyQt and documentation like the book
> make up for it.
> And, it's really extensive. So far I've found everything in Qt/PyQt I
> wanted/needed:
> - MDI workspaces
> - Dock windows
> - I needed something like wxPythons wxOGL for a process modeler and after
> looking around for two days, I found out that it's already all there in Qt
> 4.4: QGraphicsScene/QGraphicsView
> - etc.

Thank you. I just googled the book and it seems to be Python 2 only,
which is not surprising considering that Python 3 just came out. I
will purchase a copy as soon as it is updated for Python 3. Thanks!

Dotan Cohen



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