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excord80 excord80 at
Wed Jan 7 22:39:00 CET 2009

On Jan 7, 4:00 pm, floob <floob.s... at> wrote:
> I have been searching for a way to print the official Python
> documentation into some kind of book (for my own uses).  I don't
> really care if it's printed on newspaper and bound with elmer's
> glue ... any way I can get relatively recent _official documentation_
> in print form will do.
> I'm on the go a lot, and can't read for long periods of time on LCD
> screens anyhow (so having a laptop is not my solution).  Until eBook
> readers grow up a bit, I'm stuck trying to print the documentation
> that I REALLY need to read and absorb.
> is an option, but it would cost something around $100 US
> before shipping to get everything printed.  Also, I would have to
> split up some larger documents into Volumes, which I'd rather not have
> to do.
> Has anyone tried this before?  Is the documentation already available
> in print?
> Thanks,
> drfloob

I'd try taking the pdf to my local print shop and ask how much they'd

Local print shops have options for various bindings too.

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