Good books in computer science?

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Sun Jun 14 02:37:38 EDT 2009

On Jun 14, 10:38 am, koranthala <koranth... at> wrote:
> Software Tools - Seems to be a classic - not sure whether I will buy.
In that vein but more modern -- Art of Unix Programming by Eric
Raymond (available online)
Some of my old favorites:
Intro to functional programming by Bird and Wadler
TAOCP slightly more modernized more heady and less programmer oriented
-- Concrete Mathematics by Knuth and...
Science of Programming by David Gries; again more modernized to
Logical Approach to Discrete Mathematics
Bentley's Wriiting Efficient Programs and Programming pearls

Dijkstra's writings --
are not kind to software engineers [His defn of SE -- How to program
if you cannot].

Seemingly irrelevant -- Good programmers are very good with their
editors -- someone mentioned yegge.  Read him for inspiration on
emacs.  Of course you can use something else but its important to get
good at it.

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