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alex23 wuwei23 at
Mon Jun 29 01:53:09 EDT 2009

"Eric S. Johansson" <e... at> wrote:
> no, I know the value if convention when editors can't tell you anything about
> the name in question.  I would like to see more support for disabled programmers
> like myself and the thousands of programmers injured every year and forced to
> leave the field.  seriously, there is no money in disability access especially
> for programmers.

Well, if we can't use conventions like uppercasing, camelcasing and
underscoring, what are you recommending we do instead?

You seem to be asking us to change our behaviour to benefit only
others, but without offering any guidance on to how that is possible.
More importantly, shouldn't these modifications to common conventions
be coming _from_ the community of disabled programmers? I have a hard
time ensuring that I've gotten accurate requirements from co-workers
with whom I can actually see and speak, trying to determine how I
could write my code with accessibility in mind without any established
means of gauging success just seems impossible.

> and forgive me if this comes off sounding like a jerk but if
> the collective you don't give a sh** about your fellow programmers, who will?

This isn't intended to be callous, as I feel that the collective
doesn't care as a whole about _any_ programmers, but isn't the answer
the very same disabled programmers for whom accessibility is an issue?
Programming tends to be needs driven (which, admittedly, can be simply
"to pay the bills"), and those who have a need tend to be better at
working out how to address it.

One possibility may be to approach a group for whom accessibility is
already a consideration, such as the Gnome Accessibility Project:

As they are already developing Python-based accessibility tools for
Gnome -
- it wouldn't be a big stretch to start addressing coding
accessibility within that scope, either as part of the project or as
an independent adjunct to it, especially if someone with domain
knowledge volunteered ;)

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