Which C compiler?

Emile van Sebille emile at fenx.com
Mon May 18 17:53:54 EDT 2009

On 5/18/2009 1:27 PM Jive Dadson said...
> I love Python, but the update regimen is very frustrating.  It's a 
> misery to me why every major release requires new versions of so much 
> application stuff.  No other software that I use is like that.  When I 
> upgrade Windoze, I do not have to get new matching versions of all my 
> editors, browsers, and whatnot.  But Python makes me do that, and that's 
> why I am stuck on release 2.4.  Even the pure Python stuff needs to be 
> copied from one "site-packages" to another.  Then I have to figure out 
> why it won't work.  I have fought my way through the upgrade path twice, 
> and I just can't face it again.
> Thus endeth the rant.

Hmm.. I support python versions ranging from 1.52 though 2.6 on some 
40-50 production systems and don't have an issue with upgrades.  First, 
once I stabilize a production system it doesn't get upgrades anymore 
unless the machine breaks or the application specs change to the point 
where upgrade is better than maintaining.  Second, when setting up a new 
system I always start with the freshest versions of things (barring 
python 3.x which I haven't yet put in a production environment).

Upgrading because newer is available has been a problem as long as 
upgrades have been available.  Just this month some system snuck by me 
with windows update enabled only to have microsofts auto-update break 
the applications.

Just say no to updates...


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