pythonw.exe under Windows-7 (Won't run for one admin user)

SD_V897 SD_V897 at NoSuchMail.Com
Tue Nov 3 17:00:16 CET 2009

I have a perplexing issue, I have four users set up on a W7 computer. 
The program runs fine for all users except the admin user who needs it 
for school assignments.

It's not a firewall issue as I've added localhost for pythomw.exe as allow.

I've done some data dumps using sysinternals process monitor and the 
working users create a 7.8mb dump file and the file for the broken user 
is only 1.04mb. I can send the zipped data dumps (XML) 384kb if someone 
could have a look.

Python 2.6


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