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On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 14:49 -0800, per wrote:
> i am looking for a python package to make it easier to create a
> "pipeline" of scripts (all in python). what i do right now is have a
> set of scripts that produce certain files as output, and i simply have
> a "master" script that checks at each stage whether the output of the
> previous script exists, using functions from the os module. this has
> several flaws and i am sure someone has thought of nice abstractions
> for making these kind of wrappers easier to write.
> does anyone have any recommendations for python packages that can do
> this?

There are various possibilities. I would suggest you have a look at [1]
which details the creation of pipelines with generators that can be used
within *one* program. If you want to chain different programs together
you can use the subprocess package in the stdlib of Python 2.6.

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