using python2.6 on windows without installation

Christian Heimes lists at
Fri Apr 30 01:34:11 CEST 2010

Mirko Vogt wrote:
> Hey,
> is there a way to use python2.6 without having used the installation
> routine?
> When I install python2.6 and copy over the python-directory (C:\programs
> \python2.6) to another windows host and trying to execute python.exe
> there, I get an error that python26.dll could not be found.
> On the host where I used the installation routine, python26.dll is
> stored in C:\windows\system32 which (obviously) isn't on the host where
> I just copied the python directory to.
> Is it possible to include python26.dll in the application folder or tell
> python not to look in C:\windows\system32 for its library?

You need to include more than just python26.dll. The correct MSVCRT 
version must be shipped with your package or it has to be installed by 
your users.

Fear not, my friend! The solution for your quest is easy to come by. 
Install Python 2.6 again but this time chose "install only for me" 
instead of "for all users". With this option all necessary files land 
into one directory. As long as you have no need for fancy stuff like COM 
and Windows services you have to worry about python26.dll in Windows' 
system32 directory.

At work we run our entire application stack including Python2.6, tons of 
Python packages with extensions, a complete Java runtime environment and 
a pile of DLLs from svn. Works like a charm.


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