can pydoc display doc for local funcs? or other doc tools for own code

News123 news123 at
Sat Feb 6 01:31:16 CET 2010


often I start "pydoc -g" in a projects working directory in order to
view the docstrings of my own project and in order to get a quick
overview of the code structure

In some cases I would like to see also to see private methods
(especially when trying to understand the internals of a collegues code
or even to browse throught the internals of my own code)

Therefore I wonder whether pydoc could be configured such, that it would
also display private methods (the ones with leading underscores)

If not:

What tools / methodologies would you recommend to quickly browse own /
collegues source code.

In many cases the function prototypes and the doc strings of public and
private methods would be sufficient for me.

thanks for any ideas


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