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Tim Chase python.list at
Sat Apr 16 13:35:47 CEST 2011

On 04/16/2011 02:17 AM, Ben Finney wrote:
> Emacs can run Python in a buffer, and has “tabbar-mode” to
> display a row of tabs
> Likely the same features are available in Vim, by I've never
> used Vim for lots of Python coding.

Vim since v7 has offered tabs, though I personally stick mostly 
to split-panes ("windows" in vim parlance).

   :help tab-page

The GUI version (gvim) offers mouse support; the console version 
supports the mouse as well, but may be a bit more fiddly as 
mouse/console interactions often are.

   :help mouse-using

As for running a python shell within Vim, the idea of an embedded 
pseudo-tty (so that means an embedded console, python shell, or 
just running any other console program) has been pretty 
resolutely rejected by the maintainers.  I think there's an 
unofficial patch[1] to add the support, but most folks just bring 
up a second console/terminal and run things there.  For me, it's 
either using "screen" or just another xterm/rxvt window.

   :help shell-window

That said, Vim does have Python scripting capabilities as well, 
so you can control vim with Python code

   :help python

and Vim can evaluate python if it was built as such (check the 
output of ":version" for "+python").  Additionally, you can 
always run your Vim script and pull the output into a buffer 

   :r !
   :r !python

(form dependent on whether your script is marked executable)

To the OP, try both Vim & Emacs and see which fits your head 
better.  They're both great editors and will provide a lifetime 
of returns on the time invested learning them.  Vim fits me 
better; Emacs seems to better fit several of the other folks on 
the list who responded.



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