open office in another language?

Paul Rudin paul.nospam at
Wed Jan 11 05:17:06 EST 2012

Stefan Behnel <stefan_ml at> writes:

> OOo has been fully scriptable in Python for ages. It even comes with an
> embedded Python runtime for that purpose (at least on
> non-package-management systems like Windows). So, Python is actually a
> standard component in all installations, whereas Java is not, and is
> therefore not necessarily available in a deployment. Basically, if you want
> your scripts to run in all OpenOffice/LibreOffice installations, you either
> have to write it in StarBasic, or use Python.
> The OOo extension API is called UNO, so look for the PyUNO bridge.
> Admittedly, it's somewhat badly documented, but it basically works the same
> way as the other UNO-API incarnations in other languages, so any UNO
> documentation will generally apply just fine.
> Also look for LibreOffice, as Ben Finney hinted. Since Oracle dropped Sun's
> OOo commitment, many regard it as the future of OOo. It's certainly the
> place where the development happens these days.

I have dabbled with PyUNO in the past. One issue is that the api seems
rather unpythonic (to me, at least).

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