Zealotry [was Re: how to install lxml in window xp?]

Noah Hall noah.hall at fuduntu.org
Fri Jan 13 15:42:18 EST 2012

On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 8:07 PM, Tamer Higazi <th982a at googlemail.com> wrote:
> dear people!
> I have just opened my MTU client, and figured out that through my
> comment, i caused a complete NONSENSE discussion at all.
> 1. I am not a zealot or whatever. I code on Linux and port it on MAC and
> WINDOWS. I do write solutions for customers across the whole 3 platform,
> and mostly I succeed because I have to figure out in advance which
> software (packages) are being supported and how far.

> Use Linux!
> Specially Gentoo Linux!

Screams zealot to me. If not, certainly not a very useful reply.

"Hey guys, I want to cut the bread, can someone tell me how to use the knife?"

"Use a futuristic laser! Build it yourself for the uber 1337 status!"

> 2. There are many open source projects out (don't ask where, look for
> yourself, you are old enough!) as well commercial software vendors who
> don't offer their products, or give support for Windows XP.

More fool them; XP is still (unfortunately) heavily used in workplaces
and in Universities. Luckily, Windows, unlike Linux, is largely
backwards compatible - it's rare to find a program which won't run on
XP if it can run on Vista+, unless it's a game that relies on DX11 or

> 3. All of you know, that windows xp is by Microsoft not anymore
> supported. Neither with Security Updated, Enhancements with Software,
> SDK or whatever. and not only XP, also Win95,98,ME, and 2000
> Professional (not the server editions).

Mainstream support ended, yes, but extended support lasts until 2014.
Extended support is security updates and the like.

> 4. Of course any OS has it's advantages and disadvantages. Gentoo is a
> rolling distribution, when it's set up it works nicely. Of course, you
> have to invest a lot of effort to get in what doesn't mean that Debian
> and Ubuntu, and the others are worse.

Yeah, no. I prefer an operating system that's stable and secure for my
servers and for my development. Call me crazy, but I like to get work

> >From my personal point of view, I will never set up a gentoo machine as
> a server in a datacenter, I would rather use BSD Unix. But this is
> something that personally everybody has to decide for him/herself.

Good boy you! I'm glad you've got some sense, there.

> Now, I hope that I put a line under this discussions and beg the kids
> between the age of 18 - 24 who are really impulsive to fire around with
> the guns on others to stop this nonsense thread.
> That doesn't leave a nice picture in the community.

Hate to break it to you, but you started it with

> Use Linux!
> Specially Gentoo Linux!

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