ERROR:root:code for hash md5 was not found

Steven D'Aprano steve+comp.lang.python at
Fri Jan 13 23:30:24 EST 2012

On Fri, 13 Jan 2012 06:14:50 -0800, mike wrote:

> On Jan 13, 5:41 am, alex23 <wuwe... at> wrote:
>> On Jan 13, 1:34 pm, Steven D'Aprano <steve
>> +comp.lang.pyt... at> wrote:
>> > What is pysibelius? I can't find it on the web. Does it have anything
>> > to do with Sibelius the music composition software?
>> Yes, please provide more information about the pysibelius package,
>> especially if this is the case.
>> The few tenuous Python/Sibelius links I found didn't have anything on
>> pysibelius, unfortunately.
> Hi,
> pysibelius is a lib that we use.
> I am not sure that is the problem since the python program works on SuSE
> but not on RH server. And AFAIK
> the only difference ( well that I can see) is the OpenSSL version.

OpenSSL is irrelevant. If it isn't available, or doesn't provide md5, 
then the hashlib library will use its own implementation. But the _md5 
module is missing in the pysibelius Python on your RedHat system.

As I said, your Python installation is seriously broken. Required modules 
are just *gone*.

pysibelius appears to have patched Python in some way, because strange 
unexpected error messages are being printed that do not happen on a 
normal unpatched Python, e.g.:

ERROR:root:code for hash sha224 was not found.

That is not a normal Python error message. That looks like something 
added by pysibelius.


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