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Submitted By: Hugo Haas (hugoh)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Proposed improvement for pycomplete

Initial Comment:

I really like the idea of pycomplete a lot.

However, it only completes simple cases: "sys.cl"
becomes "sys.clock" once completed.

What would be interesting would be to get a list of
completions for "sys.".

I believe that what needs to be changed is the following:
- have pycomplete.py return a list of all possibilities
- in py-complete() in pycomplete.el, use the output of
pycomplete.py to call try-completion; if it works, use
it, if not and there are several possibilities, display
all the possibilities given by all-completions and
allow to chose between them.

The former is trivial (patch attached).

I tried to do the latter, but my lack of knowledge in
elisp put a rapid stop to it, so in case somebody knows
elisp and is interested by this (I think it would be a
cool feature), I thought I'd record the idea here.




Comment By: Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel (errebepe)
Date: 2005-05-26 21:52

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I've implemented these suggestions and put the resulting
files at http://isnomore.net/prog/pycomplete/ . Please take
a look and let me know what you (all) think.


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