[Python-mode] merging python-mode.el and python.el

Andreas Roehler andreas.roehler at online.de
Mon Jan 19 10:42:40 CET 2009

Dave Love wrote:
> There is talk in the python-mode.el and on the web site of merging it
> with python.el.  I hope people realize that can only be done in
> accordance with the GPL licence of python.el -- i.e. one way -- although
> it doesn't seem useful anyhow. 

Hi Dave,

I'm glad to see your posting.
Already wanted to ask about the diff to python-mode.el you put onto emacs-wiki.
Somehow this diff --thanks btw-- contradicts your
arging here, don't it?

 There's already been an attempt to put
> python.el code into python-mode.el contrary to the licence via a bug
> report, and I'm concerned that it doesn't happen any more (unless
> python-mode.el's licence is changed, obviously).
> It's not clear to me what's in python-mode.el that would be useful to
> put in python.el, although I've only skimmed the current version.
> Anyway the main raison d'être for python.el was that we couldn't get
> copyright papers for python-mode.el for inclusion in Emacs (and I won't
> put unassigned code in my version).  Also, python-mode.el changes for
> Emacs weren't accepted, 

Ok, thats the answer to my question.

so I wrote an intentionally incompatible mode

that's human...

> minimize confusion and ease maintenance.

A different approach might always be of interest at least.
> _______________________________________________

Is python.el now included in FSF Emacs? AFAIK not, for the kind of reasoning above.
IMHO that legalizing is a never ending sad story. It might end as a tragic story
 for all Emacsen and GPL alike.

Please let us contribute free code to free software.

Let's enjoy all Emacsen peacefully and assist each other as much as possible.

Andreas Röhler

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