[Python-mode] python-mode.el 6.0 released

Andreas Röhler andreas.roehler at online.de
Sun Jul 24 08:34:08 CEST 2011

>> Please write a bug report. Also posting on the emacs-help might be
>> useful.
> Thanks for your suggestions here, I know it is out of scope for
> python-mode. But reporting the bug in emacs 3 years ago, and the
> deficiencies of that process from a user perspective, do not encourage
> following the process again...

Please take in consideration the tremendous work the Emacs 
core-developers are delivering. Have a look at what you get from it and 
ask where it's coming from. From my perspective these people deserve our 
assistance and patience likewise.

I was hoping there might be some other
> interface to the process that I overlooked, or which augments the
> process whose documentation I was able to find, and, with great effort,
> follow.
> So, I did write a bug report email for this exact issue, for emacs 23.1,
> 3 years ago. But I have no way to check its status.


  Is there a different
> interface? The bug report email stuff doesn't work very well on Windows,
> I had to generate it to a file, and then send the file (or something
> weird, it has been 3 years since I reported it first, and I've maybe
> forgotten the details). Where is the best way to send the bug report?
> That way didn't seem to produce much response, and certainly not a
> response that I can monitor for status in any way.... and the problem
> still exists 3 years later. Pretty sad.
> What is the "emacs-help" and how does one post on it? Is that a
> newsgroup, an emacs feature, or a web site, or something else?



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