[Python-mode] execfile

Andreas Röhler andreas.roehler at online.de
Mon Jun 20 17:55:18 CEST 2011

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>> Just a thought in context: as people my run parallel different versions of
>> python --locally or send something to remote machines-- there should be a way
>> to specify the version to run.
>> This would override the default version-check.
> That would certainly be useful for *me* :).  It's pretty typical that I want
> to run both Python 2 and 3 in different windows at the same time, but I could
> even imagine some folks might want to run Jython and Python 2, or even Python
> 2.6 and 2.7 and IronPython at the same time.
> If it's possible, there should be one default, with a fairly easy way to
> override on a case-by-case basis.

Hi Barry,

as it's progressing some specification in order to avoid re-writes:

- buffer will be in a writing mode of python2 or python3 flavour. Should 
the mode-line indicates than "python2" or "python3"  instead "python"? 
-- IMHO yes but tell... :)

Nonewithstanding in which versions-mode the buffer is, user may select 
installed python versions to execute. Per default the python-version 
selected in buffer mode will be used.

So far


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