[python-nigeria] Job Alert (Contract Python Developer)

Tosin Damilare James Animashaun acetakwas at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 12:48:30 EDT 2016

Hello Pythonistas,

There is an opening for a contract Python Developer. The job opening is for
a 5-month duration. The following are the job details:

**Description** : Python Developer

**Budget** : **50,000 - 100,000 **

**Timeline** :  **5 Months**

**Type** : **Contract**

- At least intermediate level
- Conversance with Django framework
- Some understanding of Knockout JS (This won't be your primary focus but
its laced all through the project, so knowing it is essential)
- Knowledge of AngularJS will be a plus
- Good understanding of how APIs work and how to use them

You can apply for this job at: http://jobs.devcenter.co/ if interested.

Search for the job tagged "Python Developer at Crenet" on the site.

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