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Thu Feb 11 17:13:40 EST 2016

Re: Agenda for the Meet up
I think we should consider getting the following on the agenda:

1. Getting incorporated as an association/club with the Corporate Affairs Commission(lawyer's job actually)

2. Strategic plan for the next one year(towards PyconNG 2017); should include a 'test' event to assess preparedness and initiate vital linkage and partnerships.

3. We can do it all. And more

Aisha Bello <aishabello2050 at gmail.com> wrote:

>Dear Pythonistas,
>I hope this meets everyone well. Here's bringing more news from the stables
>of LasGidi :)
>The Python- Africa mailing list I earlier spoke about that was born out of
>PyCon Namibia is up and running. To subscribe to the list:
>https://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/python-africa "African Python
>Users group -- Linking African Python Efforts, because We are Stronger
>Together" The plan is to connect all pythonistas in various African
>countries passionate about driving growth in Africa through Open source.
>DjangoGirls Lagos: We unveiled our Mentors for the workshop, and here's an
>official and massive shout out in honor of our mentors
><https://djangogirls.org/lagos/#coach> who will take the whole day out of
>their very busy schedules and other commitments to mentor over 30 girls/
>women. Thank you still to everyone who have contributed in one way or the
>other to making the workshop a success. For all our collective efforts our
>first DjangoGirls workshop will be #Awesome thanks to everyone in our
>On a lighter note I got featured in the International DjangoGirls blog in my
>Django story
><http://blog.djangogirls.org/post//your-django-story-meet-aisha-bello> where
>I mentioned our community :D *a few times*
>Just the way everyone came out here and lent a voice and helping hand to
>the Lagos event let's replicate the same for te DjangoGirls workshop in
>Ile-Ife. I am sure Lekan Wahab would update us here when he needs our help.
>Python Nigeria meetup: I am trying to finalize a venue for the meetup
>before the week runs out and I would be in touch on how to register for the
>On the Agenda for the Meetup I had a brief meeting with Bayo and we came up
>with a few pointers for the agenda and he would be posting soon the
>schedule so we could agree add or subtract if need be. Among other items on
>the agenda mentioned was PyNigeria, 5 minutes lightening talk/Pitch on open
>source projects anyone would like the community to collaborate on, setting
>up a committee for the Python Users group, A website et.al.....
>On a completely un-related to python note I came across this article by OONwoye
>on an open source project Nigeria needs
><http://oonwoye.com/2016/01/16/postcode/> I found myself agreeing with the
>fact that there is a need for a postcode system that would be implemented
>in Nigeria. Any thoughts? Maybe I could ask if they were implementing in
>Python we could join in :D
>Thoughts, Ideas e.t.c are highly welcome. Until I come your way with more
>news have a pythonic week ;) and I look forward to meeting a lot of you in
>our meetup next Saturday.
>Kind Regards,
>Aisha Bello
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