[python-nigeria] Upcoming Meetup, The Agenda and more

olabayo onile-ere olabayo96 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 12 09:15:31 EST 2016

Hello awesome Community, I have just wrapped up a few major tasks I had on my plate but I am sure glad I have this community where I can throw a pythonic tantrum lol, just kidding. As we know our lite meetup is here already and this mail contains a draft of our intended agenda, please go through and voice your thoughts, flesh the list out etc. The meetup will be for an hour and a half (20th Feb - Saturday) at the CCHub (http://cchubnigeria.com).
We will be limiting this to 30 attendees (not counting coaches) because of the space limitation and it will be available through a link to an eventbrite registration page which will be sent to the mailing list ASAP, but hopefully the next one will have no such constraints. 
Note: Registration is not required for coaches in the Django Girls Workshop.
Gracias to CCHub, and you guys for making this day happen. Will be expecting your generous feedback ASAP.

Agenda Draft
General and brief introduction of the python mailing list, its members as well as attendees of the meetup, plus a short presentation outlining the community’s goals and general aspirations to be met.
Introduction of one or two notable pythonists amongst us and a 5 mins talk to sound out their experiences in the Nigerian tech space and also drop one or two words of encouragement.
Discussion on the feasibility, preparation and timelines for holding the first ever PyNigeria (What it entails).Setting up of a committee (To develop guidelines, planning and misc involved in organizing PyNigeria and any other projects that come up) to be nominated from a pool of volunteers 
3 - 5 mins discussions on projects being handled by pythonists, their experiences and their advice etc.
Discussion on working on a community based open source project: people submit ideas and a general vote will be drawn to pick our first major project.
Discussions on the setting up of a python slack channel or similar platform to improve engagement and communication between members.
Light refreshments (This can fall between any agreed time)
Conclusion - Meetup final notes of appreciation to our host, organizers and attendees.

On a final Note I have been working on a Startup called Hotels  & Perks and would  love for anyone with an android, IOS and blackberry device to install the app and give me any feedback and or tips for my team to note. User testing Ux Tips etc and by the way the api is running on our beloved python.
The hotel booking is active so please avoid booking for now as we don’t want any hotel receiving false positives.
One link app stores install  -    http://onelink.to/rnzv85
Thank you everyone Over and Out !!!

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