[python-nigeria] Radio Silence + Replies+ DjangoGirls +PyNigeria Meetup Reg + Agenda

Aisha Bello aishabello2050 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 14:49:36 EST 2016

Dear Pythonistas,

I sincerely apologize for my radio silence. I wouldn't bore you with any
excuses and just jump right on it. Also I apologize for my long email in
advance ;)

Biola : Thank you for your kind words. You guys make it easier with all the
encouragement I get on here. As regards the postcode do you mind sharing
the csv you uploaded that has the information for the different states in
the country. I pointed OO Nwoye the author of the blogpost
<http://oonwoye.com/2016/01/16/postcode/> to this mailing list and the
conversation he said he would do a reply on here.
Considering the current so called post code system
<http://www.nigeriapostcodes.com/> is too broad with over 10 streets having
the same postcode someone also suggested using popular organizations within
the vicinity something like a click and collect version for houses who cant
be identified, but for example a hospital about a mile away can have a tag
on it and for houses that don't even have an address yet can use the
postcode of a nearby grocery shop as a means of pinpointing their address.

Chukwudi: Thank you so much for your kind and inspiring words #NeverGiveup. The
Python Africa mailing list <python-africa at python.org> aims to bring us
African Pythonistas into one big space to promote open source solutions
that are Made for Africa by Africans. #StrongerTogether

Bright: My thank you's are in order :). It's awesome to have you here. I
totally agree that the knowledge of programming needs to be taken to the
younger generations. A few coding classes for children have started
#HourofCode <http://cchubnigeria.com/mxlab/the-2015-hour-of-code-at-cchub/>
run by CChub and Code Nigeria <http://www.codenigeria.com.ng/> co-run by
Temi Adeoye who is also part of our python community. I agree we need more
of these types of initiatives regularly run and if we can add that to our
pet project for PyNigeria in taking *Learn Python* to secondary school
children. I for one know that PyNam (The python community in Namibia) after
their first Python Namibia conference in Jan 2015 have successfully
embarked on going to various secondary schools in the country to teach
Python. We should definitely add that to our to-do list among other things
to promote python in Nigeria. What better way to go about it than teaching
our future leaders programming.

Lekan: Nice one. As a suggestion you might want to get in touch with
bloggers like Tech Cabal, tech point e.t.c with a press release. I am sure
they would be happy to spread the word.

Hello Ifeanyi it's a pleasure to have you here. you're welcome to the
community. For your idea about bootcamps and workshops I think it might be
a good idea to give a 5 minutes lightening talk about it during the meetup
if there is more to say.

DjangoGirls: Thanks to cchub for allowing us expand our capacity. We
increased the numbers to 39 attendees and 13 coaches as opposed to the
initial plan of 30 attendees and 10 coaches, we had to many awesome
applications and it was a hard choice.

PyNigeria Agenda:Here's the link to register via eventbrite
Bayo mentioned earlier CChub was kind enough to still give us their space
for extra hours to run our meetup, but still constrained, hence DjangoGirls
coaches do not need to register again for the meetup via event brite. Only
a few days left until the 20th and I can't wait to meet many of you guys in
person. I guess my only addition to the Agenda would be to put a timeline
on the schedule, and anyone who would like to give a talk about open source
projects they would like the community to work on should get in touch with
Bayo so it can be included in the schedule for orderly purposes and so that
the final schedule can be shared here just before the meetup.

On a final note * I have been a bit worried considering the situation of
some of our attendees.* Sometimes as it is the case in Nigeria having a
laptop is a luxury to some people. Some of our attendees who have gotten
accepted to attend the workshop don't have laptops and would have to borrow
laptops to attend the workshop. Particularly one of the ladies wrote to me
how she was robbed during the last month and her laptop was stolen and was
looking to borrow a laptop for the workshop. As you know we don't have any
hardware and although this is short notice as I should have done this a lot
earlier. This is saddening because among the goals of the workshop it is
important that the attendees go back home with what they have learnt home
to continue on their learning to program journey, which might be difficult
if you have to return the laptop back to it's owner. I am soliciting to
kind hearted Nigerians via our community. If you know anyone who wants to
do away with their old or refurbished laptops or just want to help out
whichever way please do get in touch. Even tweeting or RT the appeal to
your network would go a long way in seeing that at least maybe these ladies
won't have to borrow a laptop after all and they would be equipped with the
ultimate tool(computer) in continuing in their programming journey.

*Whew* am hoping I haven't missed anything. Here's wishing everyone a
Pythonic and productive week ahead ;)


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