[python-nigeria] Thoughts on the upcoming meetup... and the future

Naomi Ceder naomi.ceder at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 16:56:18 EST 2016

Hello everyone.

Since there are quite a few new people on this list (yay!), let me
introduce myself again. I'm Naomi Ceder and I'm a long time (since 2001)
Pythonista, Python author (Quick Python Book, 2nd Ed, working on 3rd ed),
organizer, and a vice chair of the board of directors of the Python
Software Foundation.

I'm proud to call Aisha and Chukwudi friends and I hope electronically at
least I will become friends with more of you.

I have never been to Africa, I'm sorry to say, but I'm happy that my small
involvement in this list was in getting the mailing list access going and
the admin switched to Olabayo. I'm still his backup admin, but I'm sure
we'd all be happy if one or two of you stepped forward to assist with

As I have been reading the messages on this list I've been impressed by the
insight and professionalism I've seen. You all are a great bunch and I'm
certain that you will build a solid community of Pythonistas in Nigeria.

I read the draft agenda for your first meetup and it seems very sound, but
perhaps a lot to cover. I wish the best as you meet. It's very exciting to
be in on the beginning of something, so I envy you that.

I've been meaning to post here for some time, but hadn't done it until
Aisha encouraged me to do so. Partly I firmly believe that the people in
each place are the best experts in what works for them. You all know far
better than some old lady in America what will work for you in Nigeria.

However maybe I have a few pieces of advice that may serve you. So here
goes, thank you for your patience:

   - *Be kind to each other*. The tone of this list has been wonderful, so
   keep that. Even in disagreements remember that everyone is sincerely
   striving for the same thing and be kind.
   - *Share the load*. No one has the energy and the time to do everything,
   so please take the time to put yourself out there and pitch in. All levels
   of contribution are valuable, but the ones who seek to understand the
   problems and work to fix them without prompting are priceless. Sharing the
   load is far better than having just a few do the work who then become burnt
   out and quit.
   - *Share the load*. On the other side, even if you think  you can do
   everything,  perhaps better than others, make room for people who want to
   help. No, you can't do everything, and not giving people a chance to
   contribute will drive them away.
   - *Join us*. But "us" I mean the wider Python community, in particular
   the Python Software Foundation. Connections with other communities can
   offer help in a number of ways. There are a few things you can do:
      - Join the Python-Africa mailing list to add your voice there -
      - add a presence (even if it's a link to this mailing list's info
      page) for Nigeria on the Python wiki's user groups page -
      - Become a member of the Python Software Foundation. Basic membership
      is free, just go to https://www.python.org/accounts/login/ and create
      an account and you are a basic member!
      - Join/post on the PSF-Community mailing list. All PSF members around
      the world are welcome to post and connect using that list. It would be
      great place to let the world of Python know what you are doing.
      - Become a voting member of the PSF - if you put in 5 hours a month
      (or 60 hours a year) doing Python community work (organizing, coding,
      documentation, etc) you are eligible to become a voting member. Voting
      members vote to elect the board members (like me), to accept sponsor
      companies, and on other issues of governance as they arise. The more
      diverse and widespread our voters are the more likely the board and
      governance will represent everyone and make better decisions, so
we really
      need you. The info on becoming a voting member this way is at
      - Working group. The PSF has a structure to create working groups for
      projects as needed. If you have a project or goal, we might be able to
      create a working group. Contact me for more advice on that.
      - Get funding. The PSF offers funding for meetups and conferences
      around the world. For more information on how to do this, go to
      https://www.python.org/psf/grants/ and I again would be happy to help

Wow... I'm sorry that was so long! Take it for what you will. But finally,
please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if there is some way I can
support your efforts.

Best regards,

Naomi Ceder
Naomi Ceder

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