[python-nigeria] Fwd: Hello.....it's me :-D

Aisha Bello aishabello2050 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 07:26:09 EDT 2016

Hola dear Pythonistas,

How you all doing. It's been a while since I last wrote.

Blame it on the slack channel *shines teeth* That place is bubbling with
loads of activities. So forgive me this would be long but to make it easier
for everyone to read I would list the Headlines in bullets then follow with
paragraphs so you can skip what does not interest you.

   - Welcome Opeyemi
   - Pythonistas in Ibadan, considering a meetup?
   - My talk at DjangoCon
   - Help/ advice needed by DjangoGirlsLAG with receiving shipment from the
   - More Volunteers needed for the CYFI education partnership

Welcome Opeyemi It's a real pleasure to have you here. How's the python
community in Osun state. It would be really cool to have some
collaborations between the pythonistas in OAU and OSUSTech ;) And hopefully
sometime very soon all over Nigeria Pythonistas would come together under
one roof and have fun the python way.  I have also added you to the
pythonnigeria slack channel.

Any Pythonistas in Ibadan? Someone reached out to pyladies Nigeria on
meetup.com and expressed sadness over there not being a meetup like the
pyladies Nigeria in Ibadan. I just felt i needed to throw it here if anyone
in IB and environs would be interested in organizing or having a meetup
where there can be meetings, collaborations and more learning together. p.s
it doesn't have to be pyladies, it could be a general python meetup.

So I gave a joint talk about the Impact of women learning to Code in
Developing countries at DjangoCon in Philadelphia last week and it was a
success where I highlighted the challenges the girls were facing and the
impact/ benefits the workshops have had. I should share the video of the
talk when it's out. DjangoCon is a really amazing, friendly and learning
packed conference, Djangonauts in the house should totally consider going
for one. oh what I'm saying is Python Conferences/ communities are the
bomb, so I wasn't at all surprised ;) . Which brings me to my next headline.

After my talk some people representing different organizations approached
me saying every year they have used company laptops that they give out and
wouldn't mind donating equipment to DjangoGirls events to girls who don't
have laptops and can't afford it. The challenge though is around logistics,
seeing they haven't done so to an organization outside the US or in Nigeria
particularly. The question is does anyone have any info on receiving
donations(shipment) from the US and how did they go about it, bearing in
mind this donation is for a non-profit organization. All the details with
Customs, clearing et.al. If you do or know anyone who knows about things
like this please do get in touch. Would be really grateful.

On a final note in a not so long sentence "WE STILL NEED VOLUNTEERS"  Like
you all know we've partnered with the CYFI education team to help teach
11-14yr olds computer education and also the basics of programming. 60
girls , 18 weeks, computer education/python awesomeness.So we need amazing
pythonistas like yourself passionate about passing on the knowledge too
volunteer to mentor these aspiring  computer gurus.

That's it from me from now. Till I bring you more news from the stables.

Enjoy your amazing weekend,


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