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This is amazing, @aisha. Thanks for always representing us very well: and
we know you had a nice outing too.

Now, around the logistics, I wouldn't mind begging along side @aisha in
this regard too. If anyone is able to help, anyone, please let us know. If
it comes to light, I know many more people would be able to learn to code.


*Behind every no entry sign, there is a door.*

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>    1. Fwd: Hello.....it's me :-D (Aisha Bello)
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> Subject: [python-nigeria] Fwd: Hello.....it's me :-D
> Hola dear Pythonistas,
> How you all doing. It's been a while since I last wrote.
> Blame it on the slack channel *shines teeth* That place is bubbling with
> loads of activities. So forgive me this would be long but to make it easier
> for everyone to read I would list the Headlines in bullets then follow with
> paragraphs so you can skip what does not interest you.
>    - Welcome Opeyemi
>    - Pythonistas in Ibadan, considering a meetup?
>    - My talk at DjangoCon
>    - Help/ advice needed by DjangoGirlsLAG with receiving shipment from the
>    US
>    - More Volunteers needed for the CYFI education partnership
> Welcome Opeyemi It's a real pleasure to have you here. How's the python
> community in Osun state. It would be really cool to have some
> collaborations between the pythonistas in OAU and OSUSTech ;) And hopefully
> sometime very soon all over Nigeria Pythonistas would come together under
> one roof and have fun the python way.  I have also added you to the
> pythonnigeria slack channel.
> Any Pythonistas in Ibadan? Someone reached out to pyladies Nigeria on
> meetup.com and expressed sadness over there not being a meetup like the
> pyladies Nigeria in Ibadan. I just felt i needed to throw it here if anyone
> in IB and environs would be interested in organizing or having a meetup
> where there can be meetings, collaborations and more learning together. p.s
> it doesn't have to be pyladies, it could be a general python meetup.
> So I gave a joint talk about the Impact of women learning to Code in
> Developing countries at DjangoCon in Philadelphia last week and it was a
> success where I highlighted the challenges the girls were facing and the
> impact/ benefits the workshops have had. I should share the video of the
> talk when it's out. DjangoCon is a really amazing, friendly and learning
> packed conference, Djangonauts in the house should totally consider going
> for one. oh what I'm saying is Python Conferences/ communities are the
> bomb, so I wasn't at all surprised ;) . Which brings me to my next
> headline.
> After my talk some people representing different organizations approached
> me saying every year they have used company laptops that they give out and
> wouldn't mind donating equipment to DjangoGirls events to girls who don't
> have laptops and can't afford it. The challenge though is around logistics,
> seeing they haven't done so to an organization outside the US or in Nigeria
> particularly. The question is does anyone have any info on receiving
> donations(shipment) from the US and how did they go about it, bearing in
> mind this donation is for a non-profit organization. All the details with
> Customs, clearing et.al. If you do or know anyone who knows about things
> like this please do get in touch. Would be really grateful.
> On a final note in a not so long sentence "WE STILL NEED VOLUNTEERS"  Like
> you all know we've partnered with the CYFI education team to help teach
> 11-14yr olds computer education and also the basics of programming. 60
> girls , 18 weeks, computer education/python awesomeness.So we need amazing
> pythonistas like yourself passionate about passing on the knowledge too
> volunteer to mentor these aspiring  computer gurus.
> That's it from me from now. Till I bring you more news from the stables.
> Enjoy your amazing weekend,
> Aisha.
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