[Python-uk] Promoting Python in the UK

Michael Charlton mcharlto@nortelnetworks.com
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 10:01:49 +0100

> [Targeting other communities]
> I'm down to speak to the Visual Basic User Group at Microsoft in
> Reading from 7:30 on Thursday 15th November, on using Python as a
> "macro language" for VB applications.  Anyone fancy coming along?
> If-you-hate-Microsoft-then-stay-away.
	> I'm not far from Reading and would like to come along. I'm more of
	> Unix person but, If I can be of help in say preparing presentation
	> then drop us a line.

> Longer term: I now have a Starship account and Zope access.  I am
> desperately overworked for the next 2 weeks so do not expect much this
> month, but plan to arrange it so people can all sign in to the
> Python-UK pages, maintain them, and build up databases for this kind
> of thing.  In Zope, the manager of a folder can create new users below
> it; so we can have sections for internal group information and for
> public consumption, and build databases for members' info as
> discussed, or have members' pages.  If it works, we can probably
> arrange a snappy URL like http://starship.python.net/python-uk/.  Who
> wants to learn Zope and help build this stuff?  Who's already done it?
> Any better ideas how we can manage databases?
	> I feel that I could be making more of a contribution and can spare
	> couple of hours a week. Let me look into Zope.



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