[Python-uk] City Python meeting in October?

Michael Hudson mwh21@cam.ac.uk
Wed, 22 Sep 1999 14:23:28 +0100

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htmlcrap outlook express inflicts on this mail; do tell me though and I'll
hit it a few more times)

>From: Glenn Rogers <glenn@gacela.demon.co.uk>
>To: python-uk <python-uk@server.python.net>
>Subject: Re: [Python-uk] City Python meeting in October?
>Date: Sat, Sep 11, 1999, 1:28 am
>On Thu, Sep 09, 1999 at 08:58:17PM +0000, Andy Robinson wrote:
>> Evening, all.  Having set up this list, I apologize for doing nothing
>> for a couple of weeks - summer holiday.

Agh! I go on holiday for two weeks and find 500+ messages waiting for me
(memo to self: unsubscribe from some mailing lists)

>> Would anyone be interested in meeting up in London in the first week
>> in October?  
>Not until after 3rd Oct :)

I probably won't be able to make that one (it's near the start of term which
is always chaotic, plus there are some birthday parties I want to be at --
hard life).

>> If so, what would you be looking for?  Discuss Python over beers
>> informally?  Get a meeting room somewhere and a projector and have
>> talks before hitting the beers?  

In Cambridge (hint,hint) there are a couple of pubs that have upstairs/back
rooms that we could use to combine both the above... the Maypole certainly
does (and is, ooh, about 400 yards from my termtime address) as does I think
the Bun Shop (even closer...).

>It might be an idea, first of all, to find out more about us.  
>How many people are even within striking distance of London, especially for 
>semi-regular meetings?

It's an hour on the train - so yes, striking distance.

>What do we actually use it for - can we have a real meeting that most of us 
>won't fall asleep in?
>To start the ball rolling, I'm in West Surrey, so as long as I can catch the 
>last train to Woking and don't drink :( I can come.  And I tend to just do 
>simple utility-type programs - I don't use python in anger, so to speak.

Well, I'm just about to start my third year at Cambridge as a maths
undergraduate. I wrote my computational project last year in Python -
integrating odes, fiddling with matrices, nothing too complicated. I also
use it when bash just gets too tiresome on my Linux machine.

As there certainly seem to be a few Cambridge area folks around here, anyone
care for a mid-term Python-pint?