[python-uk] FW: BCS OOPS / Python Community

Duncan Booth python-uk@python.org
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 10:24:54 -0000

On 26 Mar 2002 at 8:53, Andy Robinson wrote:
> Secondly, the British Computer Society OOPS chapter would like to do
> stuff with us (see below).  I have realised just how overcommitted I
> am in the last 3 months, and while IO tend to hear about a lot of
> stuff I just can't follow through to organizing it.  So if anyone
> fancies organizing events, that would be great.  We are lucky in theat
> the ACCU and BCS both have infrastructure and experience, and it's
> just a matter of deciding what should happen and broadcasting to
> speakers.

Count me in on being involved with this.

> > From: Steve Edwards [mailto:steve@escala.co.uk]
> > To: Andy Robinson
> > - running a one-day special in conjunction with OOPS
> >    http://xpday.xpdeveloper.com/main.html
I went to that. It was great fun and I probably learned lots too. Evidence=
 of my attendance is at 
http://xpday.xpdeveloper.com/photos/103-0307_IMG.JPG (I'm the one in the P=
ython t-shirt.)

> > 
> > - having your 2003 conference as a full adjunct to our main
> > conference
> >    http://www.ot2002.org
One advantage of the ACCU conference, at least for a first time event such=
 as this, is that it 
involves a comparatively small investment. OT2002 is =A31754 including mea=
ls and accomodation, 
=A31298 for BCS members and even =A3533 for session leaders. The ACCU conf=
erence by 
comparison is =A3475 (plus accomodation) or =A3130 per day.

I think this idea is worth considering, but my guess is that we will get p=
eople at the ACCU 
conference to whom Python is not their main job who couldn't have persuade=
d their employers to 
stretch to paying for OT.

> > 
> > - running an evening series similar to our XML evening series
> >    http://www.bcs-oops.org.uk/xmleveningseries.html
Which reminds me, I must remember to tell the Oxford BCS branch that I am =
available for evening 

> > 
> > Merging with OOPS, I think we have more synergy with Python than
> > ACCU :-?
I am a little wary of the word 'merging' there. I would hope Python would =
have its own presence. 
Allying or associating would be fine though.

> > 
> > Also, OOPS is financially very healthy and could easily 
> > underwrite any future
> > Python community initiatives.
That sounds good. I think we should discuss what sort of community initiat=
ives we could have. 
Raising the profile of Python all round seems like a good idea.

BTW, Andy, have you prepared any sort of press release about the UK Python=
 Conference? It 
would probably be a good idea to send something like that out to the likes=
 of Computing or maybe 
even Guardian Online.
Duncan Booth                                             duncan@rcp.co.uk