Regional Meetings (was Re: [python-uk] Is there life out there?)

Marek Isalski Marek.Isalski at
Thu Aug 14 14:55:57 EDT 2003

>>> drtimcouper at 14/08/2003 01:39:23 >>>
> So I'll stick my neck out: Any volunteers willing to
> host such events ([eg suggest a pub/office, time (and
> be there) :-) - maybe plan for Sept as hols, etc just
> now] please step e-forward). Then others please
> respond as to whether they can make it :-)

Not wanting to stick my neck out too much, but I'm currently helping organise a different kind of geek-meet in Manchester.  Oddly, coders-meets are often centered around the Lass o'Gowrie in Manchester City Centre (real ale, own brewery, small pub).  Highly recommended venue close to the train station:

But you'll have to be warned: it's close to UMIST so it can be a bit of a student-pub around weekday lunchtimes starting from mid-September -- cheap and quite pallatable food.


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