[python-uk] UK Python Conference 2004- pre-announcement

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Wed Feb 4 05:10:19 EST 2004

Thanks.  I will do an announcement later this afternoon
or tomorrow, as almost all the bios and abstracts are in.

The programme is up at 

In a nutshell: there was not a call for papers, the ACCU 
prefer to "design" a programme and had very strong views
on the kind of event they wanted to "bring Python back
into the fold".  Specifically it had to be about the language
and about programming, not about specific Open Source projects
and frameworks, and they wanted a small number of talks by
big names rather than a community event.  They asked me to be 
co-organiser of the track with one of their guys, who then faded out
somewhat so it became a last minute dash.  It's done and it's going 
to be good (but not cheap).

There should be plenty of BOF space and room for extra
lightning talks or short talks in the breaks; we will
'call for' those in a week or two.

And the preceding Open Source event is going to be

- Andy

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