[python-uk] Python for Kids

Tim Diggins subscribed at red56.co.uk
Fri Oct 21 15:29:42 CEST 2005

Mamading -

the links & your course idea are really interesting - the livewires 
course interests me, but I'm interested in adapting it to make it more 
appropriate for primary (juniors) age kids (because that's how old my 
children are, not because I'm an expert in that field!)

In respect of your idea for  developing a course (I assume for older 
children), have you been in touch with either educational research 
places (like Institute of Education) and/or Game research places (like 
Games Lab at (I think) LMU?

do keep me / the list posted of your developments.



Mamading Ceesay wrote:
> On 21/10/05, Richard Dietrich <richard at praxis-uk.com> wrote:
>>Might you have a suggestion for me.
> Check out the Livewires course and see if it suits:
> http://www.livewires.org.uk/python/
> I have been toying with the idea of getting some funding to develop
> and run a Python course for kids with a focus on Game and Multimedia
> programming.

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