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Mamading Ceesay mamading at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 02:14:27 CET 2006

On 26/01/06, Doug Winter <doug at isotoma.com> wrote:
> There have been a lot of complaints about the diversity of web solutions
> for Python, as opposed to Ruby where there is just the one, as if
> somehow it was a bad thing.  It may be confusing for newcomers, but I
> can't honestly believe that the genetic diversity of solutions, all able
> to take the best of each other's ideas, can be anything other than a
> very good thing.

The friendly competition between Django and TurboGears has been good
for both of them as they have each moved to close the perceived gaps
in functionality vs the other.  It is also causing other (emerging)
frameworks to raise their game (all I'm saying that some very
interesting conversation can be had at the London Python Meetups!).

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