[python-uk] Google Wave

Michael Brunton-Spall michael at brunton-spall.co.uk
Sun Oct 18 19:10:46 CEST 2009

It's certainly worth pointing out that if you have a wave account,
then you can do a search for with:public "python" to find some
existing python waves, including a django wave.  If you set the public
attribute of a wave if becomes findable with the above search, which
will help anybody who'se managed to work out how to find public waves
(it not being obvious and all!)

You can find myself at michael.bruntonspall at googlewave dot com


Michael Brunton-Spall

2009/10/18 Bruce Durling <bld at otfrom.com>:
> 2009/10/18 Tim Head <betatim at gmail.com>:
>> me too: betatim at googlewave dot com
>> Assuming you get bored of adding new collaborators, can you just post
>> the link to the wave and we can just go there and add ourselves?
> At the moment I'm trying to figure out what a useful URL would look
> like. I'm a total n00b here.
> cheers,
> Bruce
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