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Interesting to hear that, thanks Micaheal.

Can I ask you to clarify one thing you mentioned? My understanding was 
that speed of numerical modelling was only of such vital import if you 
are doing low-latency automated trading, in the sort of scenario where 
you need to be on a box placed on a LAN in proximity to the trading 
server, in order to make sub-millisecond trades. On the other hand, if 
you're running across the internet, then any slowdown due to using 
Python verses another language would be vastly swamped by network and 
other IO delays. Am I very much mistaken?

Thanks for sharing the benefit of your experience.


On 15/12/2010 12:45, Michael Grazebrook wrote:
> I work in the financial sector. Python is definately increasing.
> Some systems are being written in Python, but that's not its main use. 
> Certainly not for calculations and financial models, where they 
> normally have to be very fast.
> It's popular as a repacement for Perl, for example in batch 
> automation. I've also used it for reporting: its excellent ability to 
> interface to libraries means you can drive Excel (or most things .Net) 
> from Python. I even used it to link to Bloomberg once, creating a 
> framework to get the data to test some finanical models.
> Report Lab does a fair bit of work in the financial sector in a rather 
> different field.
> Little in the web field in Finance: maybe that's just my persoanl 
> experience.
> On 15/12/2010 11:57, Matt Hamilton wrote:
>> We've also seen it (as a python web dev company) increase quite a bit 
>> in the web field. Another big area I keep seeing python jobs 
>> advertised are in the financial services industry. Just as engineers 
>> used fortran and business people used cobol, I think financial 
>> services are using python for a good language to write 
>> calculations/simulations of financial models.
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