[python-uk] Free Python and Django tutorials at Django Weekend Cardiff

Daniele Procida daniele at vurt.org
Tue Dec 17 19:52:37 CET 2013

All tutorials are free and open to anyone - not just conference attendees - and will be held on 7th February 2014, as part of Django Weekend Cardiff.

You'll be able to register for these (and others, as they are confirmed) soon.

Test-driven web development with Python (Harry Percival)
For programmers who need to get started - or who need to get better - with automated testing, using Python, Selenium, Django, JavaScript and more.

Tornado and Friends (Wes Mason)
Tornado is a battle tested, pythonic and blazing fast asynchronous web server/framework; in this workshop we'll create a Tornado application and integrate it with Django.

Getting started with Django (Peter Inglesby) 
A hands-on tutorial to guide you through your first steps with Django by building a simple web application.
Venue: Cardiff University Main Building

Don't be afraid to commit (Daniele Procida)
A workshop/tutorial for Python/Django developers who would like to contribute more to the projects they use, but need more grounding in some of the tools required.



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